Kate and Julian's wedding at the Cisswood House, HorshamThey got married at the Cisswood House, in Horsham, I was lucky enough to captrue this day fro Kate and Julian which has Star wars theam, and why not? they got married on the 4th May 2019!, what better way then commemorade the dya for a die hard fan. They had a display of Star War gunships and construction and of course R2-D2 canister.The color theme of the day was blue and white, and summery. the outdoors was so beautiful on the day that we managed ot get some great group shots. I was with Kate as soon as she got reayd and manage to capture her bridal prep and fathers first look.  Kate was filled with joy and excitement that she could not stop laughing and being emotional. I nearly got teary eye too.Reportage wedding photographer London