Family outdoor sessions are one of my favourite. I was called by a old school friend, back in India. We went to the same school and ended up in London to settle. She wanted me to take some shots for her family , her brother and his wife and kids. It was a lovely surprise to see her mother was visiting at the time of the booking so we were able to get everyone in the same place.

Both kids were full of character. Sophia was adorable, following her brother around the park and her big brother making sure she is safe where ever she runs to. It did make me think of my brother for a moment where he was being protective growing up. Both Roshan and Christie were so cooperative and happy to let me direct them or the family poses. Photographing the kids is a challenge as you need to have their energy and stamina to keep up. There were moments where the kids were pulling each other’s leg, but that is absolutely normal scenario.

We did this shoot at the Welsh Harp open Space , where I did one of my workshops with Nina Mace . She is absolutely amazing teacher. My journey to become a photographer has become little bit easier with a brilliant mentor and a lot of amazing photographers to look up to

I must has my most favourite is Paulina Duczman . If I ever own a studio I would be looking to produce work as good as Paulina, of course there are tons out there but having some on your top 10 list of photographers does help narrow down your style. More of the photographs of this lovely family are on my Children section of the website.

Children Family Photographer Harrow London outdoors family session Welsh Harp Center, Wembley